July 12, 2010

Purple Flower

I don't know the flower name. I even forgot where did I take the photo. If you may know the flower name, please let me know. Thanks

Gear: Kodak M763

EXIF data:
Speed: 1/155s
ISO: 80

July 9, 2010

Painting or Photo...

Do you think this is a painting or a photo? please make a guess...^_-

July 1, 2010


Hi Everyone...

I want to post about my pet, Miechan. She is a Persian cat (I'm not sure if she was a pure Persian). I got her from my best friend. He doesn't want to keep Miechan in his house due to he will have a baby.

Miechan is very shy and lazy. She always sleep all day and lay on the floor. Her face was not too cute...but I like her so much.

More photo...
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