October 6, 2010

October 5, 2010

Do you know Erlangga 'Lennon'??

Hello everyone,

I'm back to this world. I'm so sorry for my absence from this blog. For my apologize, please let me introduce one of my best friend, Erlangga 'Lennon'. A cheerful, outgoing and open minded person.

He is so in love with The Beatles. That is why he put 'Lennon' on his facebook page name: Erlangga Lennon

He is an entrepreneur. He is also a singer. His voice was not too bad :p, but his stage performance become the most awaited by his audience. Here are some of his stage performance photos. I took these photos on my friend's wedding. His stage act photos...

Captivate The Light

'An Awesome way to captivate the light'
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